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Student's Approach on Transparency Nets Him CIAA Scholarship

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 4:23 pm EST


Gionelly Mills believes the best way to improve relations between campus security and the student body is transparency.

This approach won the Lincoln University Junior a $1,000 scholarship in the 2016 CIAA /Food Lion/Coca-Cola® Scholarship Contest. He used the scholarship to help further his education at the Central Intercollegiate Athletics Association (CIAA) School located in southern Chester County.

"I am very thankful for this scholarship," Mills said during a brief telephone interview. "I am always promoting the CIAA to other students here on campus."

Mills juggles his time as a member of the Lincoln University Student Government Association and President of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc.; all while attending various classes to fulfill his double major in Political Science and English. He also is studying to get a triple minor in African-American Studies, Pre-Law and International Studies.

"Words cannot even begin to express how amazing it is to walk on such historic ground, Mills said."Sitting in a classroom where former Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, sat. I am so proud to be attending the first degree granting Historically Black College."

Although it only took the 19-year-old a day to complete his essay, Mills used the next two days to review his paper with on-campus mentors and teachers. After submitting the essay, it didn't take long before he received the email notification while taking a break from tutoring a student.  

"I was excited after seeing the award letter in my email," he said. "The response was really quick."

As most people identify the tournament and the association with athletics, there are opportunities for students not connected to athletics to be benefit from scholarships to help them with their education. Mills encourages other students to search for CIAA opportunities and once they find them to get involved.


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